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About United Workers of America

Established in 2002, United Workers of America originally started with Local 621. Over the years other locals have affiliated with the United Workers of America to form a National Union which represents a number of industries. The teamwork between the locals is what sets UWA apart from other National Unions. United Workers of America will continue to be a Union in which smaller Local Unions can band together to build strength and power. They will continue to have autonomy over their own affairs with the help of National Officers whose experience and guidance will lead to a better standard of living for all members.

Stephen G. Sombrotto, President

Stephen has been an active member of the Union since its inception, and involved in the labor movement over twenty years. Stephen has an innate sense of leadership and has successfully negotiated numerous agreements that have improved the lives of many members. He is married and the father of two.

Javier Ortiz, Vice-President

Javier Ortiz comes from the garbage industry and served as a Shop Steward for many years. Through his hard work, members in the garbage industry were able to gain pension benefits as well as increased wages and time off. Javier has diligently resolved many grievances on behalf of members successfully and remains one of the most respected Stewards in the Garbage industry.

Michael Lovullo, Secretary-Treasurer

Michael Lovullo has been extremely involved in the Union since his assistance was instrumental in organizing workers in New Jersey State. Lovullo along with the bargaining committee was able to resolve an over two year dispute with an Employer in which employees received significant retro-active wages. Lovullo has also won many grievances which have resulted in terminated employees being reinstated.

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