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DDS Inc. 1800-255-5681

Welcome to the DDS Dental Plan

DDS is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that has been selected by your fund to provide dental services to eligible members and their dependents.

What can DDS Do for you?

DDS has a panel of participating dentists that accept full assignment for all covered services, up to the limits of the program. This means there are limited out-of-pocket expenses when you or a family member visits one of our participating dentists. Over 250,000 union families are currently enjoying the benefits provided by the DDS Plans.

Who Provides the Dental Services?

We have over 350 qualified dentists and specialist in the tri-state area on our panel. This extensive network of professionals offers union members and their families a choice of location as well as dentists.

Each of our participating dentists has been screened to ensure the highest standards of dental care available. These dentists are not retail outlets or clinics; they are neighborhood dentists in private practice. Each dentist can provide you with the full range of modern dentistry and offers courteous treatment and personal care.How can I take advantage of these services?

Simply call 1-800-255-5681


Identify yourself as “a member of United Workers Health Fund” and ask for the dentist nearest you. You will be given the dentist's name, address and telephone number, which you will use to make an appointment.

If you do not already have a panel listing you can call either the Fund office or DDS for the current list of participating dentists. Choose a dentist from the list and call them directly for an appointment.

What happens if I have a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can be handled over the phone. Just call our 800 number and we will see to it that you are under a dentist's care within 24 hours. If our office is closed, we advise you to see the nearest dentist and you will be reimbursed for the emergency service up to the limits of your plan.


Como puedo beneficiarme de estos servicios?

Simplemente llame 1-800-255-5681

Identifíquese como un “miembro de la United Workers Health Fund” y pregunte por el dentista más cercano. Se le dará el nombre, dirección y el numero do teléfono del dentista, que usted usara para hacer una cita. Si usted no tiene una lista del panel usted puede llamar la oficina de su unión o a DDS para el listado de dentista. Seleccione un dentista de la lista y llamelo directamente

Que pasa si tengo una Emergencia Dental?

Emergencias dentales se pueden tratar por el teléfono. Solo llamenos y nos aseguraremos que sea atendido en menos de 24 horas. Si nuestra oficina esta cerrada visite a su dentista más cercano y nosotros le reembolsaremos por los servicios de emergencia hasta él limite del plan.

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