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Shikarchy Wins Will Return to 833 Central

It has been a long year for Ezra Shikarchy. Last year right around this time he received a early Hanukkah present from 833 Central Owners Board of Directors and BRG Management Company in the form of an unlawful termination.

During 2012 after filing charges at the National Labor Relations Board a trial was held in May after NLRB officials issued a complaint against the Building. The Judge of the case William Cates ruled that the Building had violated Federal Labor Law and ordered Shikarchy's immediate reinstatement and for the Building to make him whole for any lost earnings and benefits.

The Building in an attempt to stall the process filed exceptions to the judges decision so they would not have to immediately reinstate Shikarchy. The NLRB then filed for a temporary restraining order so that the Building would have to follow through and bring Shikarchy back now. Last week US District Court Judge Weinstein ruled that Shikarchy must go back to work by December 13, 2012. This years Hanukkah present of reinstatement is much better then last years.

Shikarchy stands to be reimbursed close to $100,000 for all the pay benefits and expenses he has lost throughout the year.

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