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Mega Bus North East Agreement Ratified

Employees of Megabus North East have ratified their contract by a 57% to 43% vote which took place online and in mail ballots over the last week. Many times the best negotiations occur when both sides leave the table unhappy. One gives more then they want to give and the other doesnt recieve as much as they want.

MegaBus Drivers will receive a new comprehensive Health Plan which will cover the member 100%. They have also have gained wage increases, a signing bonus, addtional Paid time off and retooled the agreement so that it was more employee friendly.

Bonuses should arrive right on time for Christmas. Congratulations to the members on this contract win and we would like to especially thank the negotiating committee who this win would not have been possible without.

Top Row - Java Thompson, Mark Feinberg, Juan Tejada

Bottom Row - Melody Toran, Richard Spriggs, Andrew Johnson

Not Pictured - Dan Alvarez, Lloyed Payne, Eusubio Rodriguez, Randy Terry,

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