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Local 322 to have Election At MegaBus

Local 322 of the United Workers of America has stipulated to an election to represent employees of MegaBus. These Bus drivers will have an opportunity to vote by mail secret ballot. On August 5, 2014 NLRB region 22 will send out ballots to all MegaBus employees. These ballots must be recieved back at NLRB by August 26, 2014. Ballots will be counted on August 28, 2014 at NLRB Region 22 Headquarters in Newark, NJ. At that time it will be determined which Union will represent MegaBus employees moving forward. Local 322 officals are excited for the opportunity to represent MegaBus employees and are proud that they were the one Union that was able to get these employees a choice. We will post further details and information as we progress.

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