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How will Wisconsin Recall Vote affect the Labor Movement

By now we have all heard about the dramatic victory that the republican governor of Wisconsin had in defeating a recall vote on Tuesday. Most pundits are catagorizing this as a major victory for the Republican party and a sign of things to come in November.

The republican party outspent their conterparts 10 to 1. Essentially money was coming in from all over the country to ensure Walker would win and stay the Govenor of the State. Until such time as Citizen United is overturned by the Supreme Court, we will see Corporations Buy elections. They can give millions to campaigns and do it as private donors. The amount of money that will be spent by both parties in November is obscene.

We deserve better in this country. It is time our leaders from both parties step up and get control of these campaign finance issues. We will not have fair elections if both sides are just spending themselves silly.

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