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This page is dedicated to updated information on Megabus and Megabus Campaigns around the country.


One of the most difficult challenges we face in through our communication with each other. It is our hope and intent that our website as well as the company bulletin boards can be used to dissemminate information to our members at the various locations that we represent employees.


Currently we are in negotiations for various units around the country. We have also petitioned the National Labor Relations Board for the representation rights of the Atlanta Yard in which we should know the results very shortly. We will also be petitioning for the Luggage Loaders and Supervisors in Atlanta as well.


Stay tuned for information on upcoming meetings and events.

MegaBus Northeast

There is much to do still in the Northeast. There will be a shop steward election to be held in the near future in Landover Md. There are many grievances to be resolved. There is new dental carrier being put in place for a June 1, 2015 effective date, so that members out of the Tri State area will have additional options. Additional Vision benefits are being explored as well and we are hoping to have news shortly.

The loaders in the Northeast are still seeking their first agreement and we must continue to fight so that they may enjoy a better future as well. 

MegaBus Pittsburgh

Chief Shop Steward - Barbara Miller

MegaBus Chicago

Congratulations to the MegaBus Chicago Shop Stewards.

Chief Shop Steward - Elizabeth Pratt

Assistant Steward - Dymphia Redmon

Assistant Steward - Isaac Jones

Assistant Steward - Elizabeth Pratt

Assistant Steward - Preston Taylor

Assistant Steward - Gregory Davis


These stewards will be trained by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service so that they may have the tools to represent employees to the best of their abilities.

Terms will be implemented shortly for their agreement.

LakeFront Lines Cincinnati

Chief Shop Steward - Martin Hilman

Assistant Shop Steward

Assistant Shop Steward

Megabus Texas

Ground Crew has voted to be a part of United Workers of America. Details to follow. 

MegaBus Atlanta

Our quest in Atlanta Has not ended. We will continue to fight so these members enjoy the union representation that they deserve. Together we will be stronger and better.

MegaBus Florida

Campaigns will begin Shortly for Florida Megabus Drivers.

Regional Directors

Executive Board

Isaac Jones

Chicago Region

Mark Feinberg

New York Region

Daniel Alvarez

Philadelphia Region

Barbara Miller

Pittsburgh Region

Martin Hilman

Ohio Region

Lloyd Payne

Washington DC Region



MAY 2, 3 & 6

Application for Membership

Medical Tier Selection Form

*Be sure to use Correct Form for your Location

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