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Local 722

This Union is dedicated to the organizing and representing of workers in the Healthcare, Hospital, Nursing Home and Medical Field. Our work in taking care of the sick and elderly is one of the hardest and at the same time emotionally challenging.

It is our mission to improve the lives of the members we represent through collective bargaining and at the same time improve and advance the quality of patient care.


Local 722 is part of the United Workers of America.

We work in the homecare, hospital and nursing home industries, as well as pharmacies, freestanding clinics and other healthcare settings. We care for the sick, the infirm, the elderly. Ours is noble work. We are dedicated to our patients, our members and our families.


The mission of our Union is to improve and expand quality patient care, to protect and improve the lives of our members and our families, and to work in solidarity with working people in our communities and around the world.

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