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About Local 260

Local 260 is the newest industrial union that is beginning many organizing campaigns throughout the Metro Region. They have filed many petitions and are currently in the process of receiving recognition at many different job sites. The officers of this newly formed Local are excited to bring their enthusiasm to the labor movement and look forward to helping workers gain respect on the job.

Josh Gottlieb, President

Maria Nunez has a background in manufacturing, working for many years at various Brooklyn manufacturing establishments. Maria has attended and received certification at the United Workers of America Organizing,Grievance Handling, Contract Negotiating, and Union Adminstration Seminars.

Maria has worked tirelessly in efforts to improve the lives of working men and women.

Maria's current responsibilities include all phases of member representation, organizing shop steward training sessions, coordinating the Political Program at Local 260, representing the members of Local 260 at rallies and other union activities where a show of union solidarity is important. Maria has also coordinated various support activities with the local community.

Juan Carlos Cervantes, Vice-President

Juan Carlos Cervantes was raised in New York, where he attended the local public schools. He is always willing to fight the good fight to prevent social injustice. Juan Carlos has attended and received certification at the United Workers of America Grievance Handling Seminar.

At Local 260, Juan Carlos realized he had a love for servicing the membership and working through the member’s grievances. He has always represented members to the best of his ability and in many cases prevailed on grievances without having to go through arbitration. He also has the ability to and a knack of effectively interpreting the Local’s contracts to the benefit of the membership.

Juan Carlos's responsiblilites include overseeing all grievances and organizing campaigns. He also is being trained by United Workers of America to negotiate contracts. 

Michelle Nunez, Secretary-Treasurer

Michelle Nunez was born and raised in a Union and community activist environment as the daughter of Latino immigrants in Brooklyn, NY. She has a college background attending Borough of Manhattan Community College. She has worked in the retail and service industries. She has attended and received certification at the United Workers of America Organizing and Grievance Handling Seminars.

Michelle duties include organizing, as well as public relations for Local 260.

Today, under Michelle's leadership, Local 260 is committed to organizing workers in all industries who are being exploited by unscrupulous Employers.

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