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Local 322

Local 322 is the Local of UWA that represents Bus Drivers and other transportation workers. Local 322 was chartered with the express intent of organizing units all across the eastern seaboard. They have filed petitions and are currently in the process of receiving recognition at many different job sites. The officers of this newly formed Local are excited to bring their enthusiasm to the labor movement and look forward to helping workers gain respect on the job.

Mark Feinberg, President

Mark Feinberg is the elected President, of Local 322. He is also the elected Regional Director of the New York Region and Chief Shop Steward of the Elizabeth New Jersey Yard of Mega Bus. Mr. Feinberg has a long history of Union involvement at places where he has worked.

Mark's duties will include organizing, handling grievances and arbitrations as well as contract administration.

At Local 322, Mark realized he had a love for servicing the membership and working through the member’s grievances. He has always represented members to the best of his ability. He also has the ability to and a knack of effectively interpreting the Local’s contracts to the benefit of the membership.

Today, under Mark's leadership, Local 322 is committed to organizing workers in the Bus and Transit industry who are being exploited by unscrupulous Employers.

Daniel Alvarez, Vice-President

Daniel Alvarez is employed in the Philadelphia PA Yard of Mega Bus. He is the Regional Director of Philadelphia Region. He is always willing to fight the good fight to prevent social injustice. Mr. Alvarez believes that by fighting on behalf of his fellow employees, together we all give each other the opportunities to provide for our families.

As an experienced Driver Mr. Alvarez knows how to defend the rights of Bus and Transit Workers.

Isaac Jones, Recording-Secretary

Isaac Jones was appointed to fill the remainder of Mr. John Brock's Term, who resigned due to his taking a position with management. Isaac a long time Driver from the Chicago Depot has worked tirelessly on behalf of the drivers in Chicago. He was instrumental in helping Chicago to gain their CBA last year and continues to fight on behalf of the members in his region. Isaac attended and was trained by the Federal Mediation and Concilliation Service as well as our National Officers.

James J. Vogt, Business Manager

Mr. Vogt is the UWA National Secretary Treasurer and will serve as the Local 322 Business Manager. He will be primarily focused on gaining representational rights of Employees and negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of Bus and Transportation employees. Mr. Vogt has vast experience in all of these areas will enhance the dedication and enthusiasm of the officers of the Union to help better advance the working lives of members of Local 322.

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